Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Random stuff painted up

So hey guys, i've been working on some random stuff  i found, and been practicing  new things on them, my blood angel here has a better tone of skin and i tried lighting affect on the power axe, next is a 5 man squad of assault marines well half, the rest are being cleaned up, i went with a nice blue tone to try something new really liking the robes and back packs so far. and another thing is a five man storm trooper squad and they will be sold for 40 dollars soon the rest are ready to be painted up once i finish some other projects, and last is a tau battle suit, well a very old one that is missing parts, so i decide to practice more on him because i'll be getting a battle force soon. so thanks for reading.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Flames of war tanks and anti guns

M18 Wildcat 

pak 40

Stug G

Left firefly sherman mk 5 and right mk 5 sherman British 

Saga anglo danish warriors

Sanguinary Guard custom for sell $75 (SOLD)

Flames of war late war paratroopers (regular)

Flames of war late war paratroopers (Winter)


25mm - 40mm
Basic Level - $6.00
Intermediate Level - $8.00
High Level – $10.00

Large monster, Chariots and vehicles may be higher, e-mail for price.

15mm or Smaller
Infantry Squads -$1.00 per figure
Calvary - $2.00 per model
Artillery - $2.00 per gun
Vehicles - $5.00 per vehicle

More fire warriors finished up

Tau Cadre Fireblade finished