Monday, November 11, 2013

All i ever see is yellow!!!!

Hey guys it's been awhile, but i'm alive and I'll try to post more stuff to my site and fix the look of it once, the picture blew are of my new army of imperial fist, its not a lot so far but more are coming along as you read this is, yellow is a very hard color to do, so hope y'all enjoy.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Garage sells are amazing!!!

So i went to my local gaming store for our gamer garage sell and just got amazing deals and for a great deal, so i just showing of some of the stuff i have and i sneak peak at my tau army.

chaos space marine iron warriors 

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imperial guard steel legion

Lord of the ring rangers

chaos lord

Ork killer can 

Tau stealth team

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Random stuff painted up

So hey guys, i've been working on some random stuff  i found, and been practicing  new things on them, my blood angel here has a better tone of skin and i tried lighting affect on the power axe, next is a 5 man squad of assault marines well half, the rest are being cleaned up, i went with a nice blue tone to try something new really liking the robes and back packs so far. and another thing is a five man storm trooper squad and they will be sold for 40 dollars soon the rest are ready to be painted up once i finish some other projects, and last is a tau battle suit, well a very old one that is missing parts, so i decide to practice more on him because i'll be getting a battle force soon. so thanks for reading.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Flames of war tanks and anti guns

M18 Wildcat 

pak 40

Stug G

Left firefly sherman mk 5 and right mk 5 sherman British 

Saga anglo danish warriors

Sanguinary Guard custom for sell $75 (SOLD)

Flames of war late war paratroopers (regular)

Flames of war late war paratroopers (Winter)


25mm - 40mm
Basic Level - $6.00
Intermediate Level - $8.00
High Level – $10.00

Large monster, Chariots and vehicles may be higher, e-mail for price.

15mm or Smaller
Infantry Squads -$1.00 per figure
Calvary - $2.00 per model
Artillery - $2.00 per gun
Vehicles - $5.00 per vehicle

More fire warriors finished up

Tau Cadre Fireblade finished